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Essential Social Media Etiquette Rules for Brands

Just like in life, social media has its own rules of etiquette that brands should follow in order to play the game efficiently and effectively.

This article from Hootsuite discusses some of these etiquette rules your brand should begin following if they’re not already.

Essential Social Media Etiquette Rules for Brands

There’s a way to behave (and not to) for nearly everything.

Same for your social media protocol.

Act poorly, be seen poorly, perform poorly. One small social slip can result in many big hits to your brand.

1. Read the room

Saying the right things at the right time makes a difference.

Giving your (strong) opinion about immigration with your new boss on day one—not a good move.

Be thoughtful about your social media etiquette.

2. Ditch the bot

Not completely. But at least when communicating directly with your audience.

Social media automation is good. But c’ mon now, not when talking with real people.

Just. Say. “No”.

“No” to automated Twitter DMs, private Facebook messages, and Instagram comments.

3. Respond to humans, fast

Fifty-three percent of you asking a company a question on Twitter expect a response within an hour. For a complaint, that number jumps to 72 percent of you.

So respond to people. Quickly.

Too busy, you say? Delegate, I say.

You can assign messages to team members. So you’ll appear as present and responsive and human.

4. Be nice to your peers, no matter what

Bantering with competing brands on social can be entertaining and useful. People watching can get a kick out of it. And see how you move and groove with others in your field.

But not if it gets ugly.

You waste precious time. You’ve got enough on your e-plate building awareness (and likability) for your brand.

5. Go easy on the hashtags

Hashtags are cool. They help people search for, and find, you and your brand.

#so #long #as #youdont #goverboard

They just become noise and distracting—and make you look #desperate.

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