Email Marketing

Email Marketing With JC Sweet & Co.

Email marketing is one of the best (and fastest) ways to keep your clients updated on your business. An email marketing campaign gives your clients a personal touch that your website or your social media accounts can’t. With a reasonable monthly fee, email marketing also replaces the significant cost of printing and mailing. Whether you’re promoting an event, a new special, or simply giving your clients a general business update, email marketing is a great tool for your business to have in its marketing toolbox.

How Can We Help?

JC Sweet & Co. can train you and guide you in your email marketing campaign. We will create an account for you, show you how to import your client list, and create a custom email template with you. We’ll teach you the best practices to successfully reach as many people as possible.

Want Us To Do It For You?

We offer email marketing management so you don’t have to do it on your own. We can create new emails on a monthly, seasonal, or as needed basis using content or ideas you’ve given us to drive customers back to your website. Don’t worry! We will always give you a chance to review the email before sending it out.

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