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The Next Major Facebook Redesign Is Here

Facebook F8, the annual Facebook conference began today in California, and right away they’ve announced some huge Facebook redesigns. This article from Digital Trends has more information we thought we wanted to share with you.

The Next Major Facebook Redesign Is Here

F8 isn’t just about Facebook, though. There are announcements for Instagram, Oculus, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger as well. Here’s everything Facebook announced at F8 2019.


Facebook has announced a major redesign of the main Facebook website and app — making it much cleaner, modern, and easier to navigate. The new update — called FB5 — arrives today, and includes an all-white look, with traces of Facebook’s iconic blue hue. There’s an option for a dark mode as well.

Zuckerberg said the goal is to make Facebook is a little more community-focused, which is why the redesigned Groups tab makes it easy to find new spaces with a new discovery tool with recommendations. You can also now share content directly to groups from the News Feed, similarly to how it’s possible to share content with friends and family.

Facebook Messenger

Some big changes are set to come to Facebook Messenger in 2019 — making it not only faster but also more accessible. First and foremost is a new desktop app for Messenger built for MacOS and Windows. With the app, you’ll be able to chat with friends and family without having to navigate to Facebook.com or Messenger.com. It too sports the new Facebook Messenger redesign that rolled out a few months ago, including support for a dark mode.

Facebook is also working on a way to make Messenger work better across platforms — you’ll be able to message friends in WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram, no matter which service you’re using. That’s a pretty major update to the services and means that you won’t have to switch between apps depending on who you’re talking to.


Facebook made some pretty major announcements related to Oculus too — namely the launch of the Oculus Quest standalone headset, and the new Oculus Rift S tethered headset. Both headsets now have a launch date of May 21, and, both will come at $399. Pre-orders for the headsets are open today.

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It’s only day one of F8 so we are expecting a lot more updates coming from the conference, so stay tuned! 

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