Constant Contact Marketing

Using Constant Contact for Marketing

Constant Contact is a huge deal when it comes to marketing online. Whether helping you start out, or simple tips and tricks to make your company pop. Allowing you multiple options to digital marketing, Constant contact marketing is beneficial to all.


About Constant Contact

Tips and tricks offered by Constant Contact I would recommend. Important explanations on how to add certain things to website, or how to reach your target market are all broken down and simplified. Your target market is huge, your target market must be broken down even before you start advertising. For example, it’s a must to know whether your audience is male, female majority or the average age range. Demographics can base it whether you use social media marketing anyways. You have a group mainly 70 year olds then they most likely aren’t on instagram and newspaper would be better. 


Target Groups

Once declaring a target market you can now get into where you need to advertise. Baby boomers are based mainly on guides and books. Generation X focuses on reviews, blogs, and email newsletters. Millennials come more into place with email promotions, and social media. Finally, the generation Z is very big into social media, and funny images. This shows you that social media marketing is better when hitting Millennials, and Generation Z. But over email it would  be Generation X, and Millennials.


Grabbing their Attention

Now it is knowing what is needed to catch the eyes. Everybody loves discounts, so why not add a pop-up that when they sign up to email list they get an extra 20% off. Great for reaching new customers who may become loyal continuously buying. If that isn’t your style try advertising through websites such as Facebook or Instagram in order to reach the group you need. Free trials or anything possible that has people saving money will drive people to buy more.

Final tips for marketing:

  • Advertise to your target group.
  • Discounts
  • Free trials
  • Offer something free when a customer refers a certain amount of people.
  • Keep it simple