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8 Types of Social Media Posts that Your Business Should Avoid

Improve your social media posts this year with some helpful tips we wanted to share with you from Social Media Today.

8 Types of Social Media Posts that Your Business Should Avoid

In order to maximize your performance, a key is obviously to avoid posting content that will make people unfollow you – but in order to that, you need to know what types of posts most annoy your audience.

1. Negative Posts About Customers or Clients

If an angry customer is engaging with you on social media, view it as a customer service opportunity.

You might be able to diffuse the situation simply by being professional and staying polite, in spite of their behavior.

2. Irrelevant Viral Content

Do your best to limit viral content to sharing posts that are interesting or funny, so long as its relevant to your audience.

You could create an allotted time to share funny or silly posts. Hashtags like #FridayFunnies are perfect to pair with these posts.

3. Political or Religious Posts

When you choose to share your thoughts and opinions on political and/or religious issues, you should know the risks involved.

Your post might offend one of your audience members leading you to potentially lose one (or more!) followers.

4. Content That Isn’t Properly Edited

Even a few errors can make your content seem unprofessional. Be careful when posting and be especially careful when translating social media for international audiences.

5. Too Much overtly Promotional Content

The purpose of social media is to build influence, increase brand awareness, and develop great customer relationships.

At least 80% of your social media content should be dedicated to that. To make it easier, think in terms of informing, educating, entertaining, and engaging.

6. Content Inconsistent With Branding

If you can’t imagine your brand persona promoting or saying something in real life, social media might not be the best place for it either.

7. Misleading Posts

Your headlines should be attention-grabbing, but never misleading. The same goes for your posts and mentioning your competitors.

8. Unattributed Content

It’s okay to find and share content with your followers, just make sure to give credit.

What do you think of these tips? Are you already following some of these tips or do you need to step up your game on one or two of these?

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