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Writing a Great Social Media Bio for Your Brand

Writing a great social media bio for your brand is important to give your audience an idea of who you are and what you do and how you will be interacting with them. This article that the JC Sweet & Co. Team found on Social Media Today features great tips for helping you write the perfect bio.

Writing a Great Social Media Bio for Your Brand

Gain more followers, engage your current followers, and interact with your current audience with these social media bio tips:

1. Keep a human tone

Talk about your business like a person would, at the end of the day it’s a person that’s working behind the scenes for the brand handle.

2. State your purpose

Use the space to spell out what your brand does in the bio. Showcase what you believe in: raise awareness on a specific cause or bring attention to a campaign.

3. Emojis

If your business does a lot of things like having a wide catalog of products or services, it helps to visually represent them using emojis in the bio.

4. Keywords

Incorporate keywords that are most used by your industry peers, competitors, and search terms used by your target audience into your bio.

5. Hashtags

If your brand is part of a niche industry, use the relevant hashtags in your bio. Create branded hashtags so people can see more of what you do if your hashtag is clickable from the bio.

6. Promotional space

Market updates and announcements that are integral to its business strategy. Promote your CTAs: 25.6% of all website referrals in 2018 came from social media pages and profiles.

7. Showcase achievements

Whether it’s a mention in an article or a website ranking for product/services in your industry, if you have an accomplishment you can use your bio to announce it.

8. Add key info

While bio covers fields like location, title, website, and contact details you can add extra details that you think is necessary like working days, working hours, business updates, etc.

Does your social media bio feature any of these aspects? Do you have any that you want to add to your bio after reading this article?

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