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The 6 Most Important Ingredients of a Successful Social Video

If you don’t already know by now, a video is nearly priceless on social media.

This article we wanted to share with you from Hootsuite has the 6 most important key ingredients you need for crafting a top-notch video for social media.

The 6 Most Important Ingredients of a Successful Social Video

What does it take to create a top-notch social video? To save you a bit of a headache and a whole lot of blooper reel, we’re sharing some of our most effective tips here.

1. Be platform-conscious

From YouTube to TikTok, there are dozens of different video platforms to choose from. Make sure you tailor your video accordingly, just like you would with any other content.

Here are a few quick tips for getting it right:

  • Choose platforms that engage your audience
  • The first step to creating a killer social video is deciding where to post it

Some platforms, like Facebook, have a wide user base, attracting different ages, genders, and income levels. Others reach only a narrow demographic.

For example, Pinterest resonates with 25 to 44-year-olds, while Snapchat almost exclusively attracts teens and young adults.

2. Be mindful of time

Our attention span is just eight seconds long—shorter than a goldfish’s! Keeping viewers engaged from start to finish is tough, but it doesn’t have to be impossible.

Keep it short and sweet

Stick to a 60-second time limit if you can.

While only five percent of people will stop watching a video after one minute, 60 percent will after two. Not only are short videos easier to finish, but they also eat up less data—making them perfect for mobile viewers.

3. Optimize for mobile

Over half of all videos are viewed on mobile. For Twitter, that number is as high as 93 percent!

Here are a couple of simple tips for getting mobile friendly.

Simplify your graphics

Make sure your visuals look great on a small screen. Think bold, bright, and—if you’re using text—legible. Remove visual clutter to boost comprehension, and test your video on several different screens before posting it.

4. Use analytics

36 percent of businesses now use some form of video analytics. Don’t be the last to the data party! Here are two ways to get analytical:

Track and improve

There are tons of helpful social media analytics tools out there. Keep tabs on how your videos are performing, and consider what you could do to improve them.

Some key questions to ask include:

  • Are people watching my videos from start to finish?
  • Are my videos underperforming on any platform?
  • Which topics are getting the most views or shares?

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