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7 Smart Ways to Drive Conversions on Social Media

This helpful article that we wanted to share with you comes from Hootsuite.

7 Smart Ways to Drive Conversions on Social Media

Feels good to have all those views, likes, shares, and comments for your video, images, and posts, right?

Now, what are you going do with all that attention on your brand?

1. Write to be understood

We, humans, get bombarded with 105,000 words a day, 23 words per second, equating to 34 gigabytes of information. I didn’t make that up.

So then… how do you get noticed when the noise is deafening, the signal weak? In seconds?

Be clear and crisp with your words. Here’s how.

Keep it simple

Write it out. Then edit maniacally.

Replace long words with simple, everyday ones. “Utilize?” Oh please. “Use?” That’s the one.

Straight up, the Hemingway App will make you a better writer—immediately.

2. Boost your top-performing content

Are you running multiple ad campaigns at a time? Many marketers do.

But it’s kind of hard to keep track of them all.

Facebook’s Boost Post tool to the rescue. Use it to automatically boost content that’s doing well organically. Like posts containing a link to your website once they receive 10 shares.

  • Choose the type of posts to boost
  • Set how long to promote them, and…
  • Specify when to boost them with ad money

We use shares as a key metric. It’s more of an active engagement than a like or view.

3. Make your website mobile friendly


Because the data says so.

People use their mobile devices 80 percent of the time on social media.


  • Google prioritizes mobile-friendly web pages
  • Mobile is the standard, thus…
  • Site visitors expect it
  • Your pages will rank higher
  • You’ll get more conversions
  • And six other reasons here

And, design for mobile first. Then for desktop.

Otherwise, mobile never looks as good as it should, or it takes more time and fidgeting to do after the fact.

4. Use visuals to enhance your story

True, content drives design.

And images follow up to move the reader through the story, with elegance and grace.

Words + Visuals, they’re made for each other.

Like Bogart and Bacall, Astaire and Rogers, Bonnie and Clyde.

Or think Peanut Butter Cups. Chocolate + peanut butter. Meant to be together—not apart.

A few tips to make your images stand out:

Be consistent with colors

For example, assign certain colors to topics or content. It sets expectations for the reader. And helps them scan and choose what to read, what to ignore.

We operate online by skimming and scanning. It’s required with all the noise on the web. Help readers help themselves.

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