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What to Post on Instagram: Creative and Engaging Ideas

Have you ever wondered what to post on Instagram or felt like you’ve run out of ideas that will spark your followers’ interest? This article that the JC Sweet & Co. team found on Hootsuite discusses Instagram posts that are creative and engaging.

What to Post on Instagram: Creative and Engaging Ideas

Below is our list of 15 creative Instagram post ideas. Remember: You need to post intentionally. Don’t feel pressured to post every single idea on this list.

However, if the post idea fits your brand and you think you can really knock it out of the park, go for it!

1. Ask your users a question

Asking questions creates opportunities to get your followers sharing their thoughts and ideas on practically any topic. These user insights can help you come up with even better content in the future.

They might even help you come up with new product ideas if you ask the right questions.

For example, if you run a fitness coaching business you might ask, “What do you struggle within the gym?” The answers your followers give you help formulate a ton of new content — from new products, Instagram posts, and more.

2. Show a tutorial

Great digital marketing provides viewers and readers with valuable, engaging content. That’s why tutorials or how-tos crush it on social media.

Instagram posts give brands an opportunity to provide quick tips on almost any topic.

Imagine different tutorials that your target audience will love—even if they’re not fitness- or food-related.

3. Go behind the scenes

Want a great way to humanize your brand? Just show your followers what goes on in your office. By letting your followers in on what goes on behind the scenes, you help them emotionally invest themselves in your company.

And no, don’t just snap a photo of a bunch of sleepy-looking faces at a dreaded 10 am Monday meeting.

Show off the fun side of your workplace.

It could be anything from an employee working at their desk, an office dog lounging on its bed, or even a Bollywood-style dance number starring the entire office.

Take a look around your office. Ask yourself, “How can I show off this workplace to our followers?”

4. Conduct an AMA

AMA stands for “Ask me anything”. An AMA is a great opportunity to directly engage with your followers. It can also be a way to share thought leadership on any topic related to your brand and build engagement.

It’s simple: Make a post soliciting questions from your followers and start answering them in the comments below. While your followers can ask anything, you luckily don’t have to answer everything.

5. Share valuable thought leadership

Sharing thought leadership is a great way to establish your brand as a leading source of great ideas and trends.

Thought leadership often comes in the form of great tips, hot takes, or lessons on a topic. Once you share it, your followers look at your brand as a reliable and relevant source of information. That’s great for engagement and brand authenticity.

6. Conduct an interview with an industry leader

Sharing insights from leading innovators and thinkers in your industry helps your followers immensely. And if you pick a big name in your industry, the Instagram post can draw in new followers and build more engagement.

And you don’t have to get the thought leader in front of your phone camera to do it. You can share a snippet of a podcast or YouTube interview you did with them.

7. Jump on a trend

Trends, memes, and challenges are great ways to inject some fun and relevance to your brand.

Of course, you should avoid any of the ones that could hurt you or otherwise harm your brand, like the challenges that require you to eat laundry detergent or unholy amounts of spicy foods.

You can also share a funny meme or—if you dare—create one for yourself. If you choose to do the latter, you better make sure it’s good. Otherwise, you’re going to fall into /r/fellowkids territory (when a brand tries to relate to modern trends but fails miserably).

8. Share user-generated content

A sure-fire way to engage your followers while showing them some appreciation is by sharing the content that they made themselves—especially if it showcases projects they finished by using your product.

Directly crowdsourcing posts and engaging with your followers is a fantastic and easy way to create content for your brand’s Instagram feed.

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