Simple Ways to Increase Facebook Engagement

At JC Sweet & Co., we are always looking for ways we can help you increase your online presence. I thought this article from Hootsuite was particularly helpful, providing easy ways to boost your engagement on Facebook. I hope you find some tips that you can put into play!

Simple Ways to Increase Facebook Engagement

The first thing we have to make clear is what exactly is “Facebook engagement”? Facebook engagement is any action that someone takes on your Facebook page or your Facebook post, including, likes, comments, shares, checking into your location, or tagging you in a post.

The second thing we need to address is why it matters. Facebook engagement matters because it can help extend your organic reach, including boosting your placement on the Facebook News Feed and second, things like likes and shares expose your posts to your audience’s network.

So let’s get to it. Here are ways to increase your Facebook engagement.

1. Teach, entertain, inform, or inspire

Your Facebook audience is not looking for a sales pitch and they won’t engage with one either. Your audience wants to engage with content that will make them smile, make them think, or improve their lives in some way or another.

To create this type of content that connects with your audience, you’ll need too…

2. Get to know your audience

Usually, what you find entertaining or inspiring is not very relevant and is not what your audience wants or needs. It’s tricky to understand how your audience thinks and feels unless you know them pretty well.

Facebook Page Insights is a great way to find useful information about how your audience responds to your content. Study this carefully and use these insights to your benefit on your next posts.

3. Keep it short

Not surprising, but the majority of people use Facebook via their mobile device, and data shows that people scrolling through their News Feeds on a mobile device spend just 1.7 seconds on a post that interests them. Not to mention, computer users only spend 2.5 seconds per content item.

Keep your posts short and sweet to ensure you capture their attention because the good news is that people can recall content after only seeing it for 0.25 seconds!

4. Focus on quality

With people moving through content so quickly, there’s no time for sub-par graphics, video, or text.

If you find yourself stuck coming up with original content, content curation can be a great way to share quality, informative content that excites your audience.

It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Facebook recommends keeping things simple and sticking with a color scheme or recognizable images.

Which leads me to…

5. Use (great) images

Facebook posts that include a photo see higher-than-average engagement rates. Simple shots work well and close-ups or a customer photo work really well, Facebook says.

You can use your mobile phone to capture images or even stock images provided by stock photo sites.

6. Make a video, or broadcast live

Video posts see even higher engagement than photo posts and just like photography, you can start filming simply using your mobile phone.

Remember that vertical videos give you the most screen real estate on your mobile device.

Even more so, live videos see the highest engagement of all, receiving six times more interactions than regular video posts.

7. Ask a question

If you’re still struggling to increase your engagement, ask your audience a question.

An interesting question is a great way to kick off an active comments thread. Here are some ideas:

  • How do you [complete this action]?
  • Why do you [like this event or brand]?
  • Do you agree with a [notable statement, event, person, etc.]?
  • What’s your favorite [fill in the blank]?

While you’re at it, you can also simply ask your audience what kind of content they want to see from you and then give them what they ask for!

These are just some simple tips to get your audience excited about interacting with your brand on Facebook. Did you learn something new that you’re going to try out? Let us know!

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