Why Use Email Marketing?

Email as a tool for marketing for a business is a great way to build your company. Here are a few reasons why it will work for you:


Sending email is an inexpensive way to conduct a marketing campaign. Email can be combined with a social marketing campaign to engage potential customers. If you need to stretch the budget that is used for your marketing, then email is an affordable option. You do not need to pay for postage needed for a direct mail marketing campaign. The use of self-serve tools allow you to easily create an email without having to outsource.


The use of email provides an immediate way to promote a product or service.. Many tools can be used to create a dynamic and compelling message. This can include a newsletter, announcement, promotion, and a follow-up for a purchase. The content of the email is a call to action for a marketing campaign to prompt customers to visit your website. Responses to an email often occur within a day once you send the message.


Emails that are send to customers on an email list can be easily measured. This can be done by using a read receipt and tracking activity. Tracking activity includes click through rates. The click through rate is the number of people that clicked a link in your email. If you send a weekly newsletter, then you are able to see if they are effective by tracking the number of clicks.


Recipients of email messages from companies and businesses often expect offers or deals. The product or products being offered in an email are easy for the recipient to buy. A link is included that opens the product page in their web browser. Email is still a great way to provide useful information that the user can read at their leisure. If a coupon is provided in an email, then it can be easily printed.


The recipient of email often will take time to read the message if it is expected. This means your email is a direct way to communicate with current and potential customers. Repeat contact is made that often results in some type of contact. This includes clicking a link or taking advantage of an offer. If you are posting on social media sites, they may not always be seen. The use of email is a direct way for you to make contact with your user base.

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