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When is the best time to post on Instagram?

TO post or not to post? Here’s when you should put up a picture on Instagram. This article that JC Sweet & Co. wanted to share with you comes from Digital Trends.

When is the best time to post on Instagram?

It should come as no surprise that half of all Instagram users visit the site daily. With a site that is constantly updating, you’re bound to get something new when you open your feed. But when is the best time for you to post on the popular social network?

Well, it depends.

Every Instagram account is different and that makes it difficult to gather accurate and reliable information. Still, regardless of your account’s unique following, there seem to be at least a few numbers to go by.

Later, a scheduling app for Instagram recently analyzed more than 60,000 posts and consulted with a network of social media managers, allowing the company to draw some basic conclusions. By no means are these stats the final say, but they will give you a general idea regarding the best time to post your photos and videos.

Picking A Time

Later recently pulled a slew of social media managers as to when the best time to post was and the majority said during lunchtime (11 a.m. to 1 p.m.) and in the evenings (7 p.m. to 9 p.m.). When doing so, you’ll also want to keep in mind your most active time zone. If you are located in New York City but most of your followers are in L.A., for instance, you may want to post according to their time zone instead of your own. Generally speaking, it’s best to share during off-work hours, rather than throughout the workday.

Picking A Day

Much like the best time of day to post to Instagram, finding the right day of the week is also a challenge. Some research suggests Wednesdays and Thursdays promote the most interaction, while more anecdotal evidence from social media managers sometimes suggests otherwise.

Weekends tend to be hit-or-miss depending on the type of Instagram account you’re running and the type of followers you have. If your Instagram account is directed toward your friends and family, for example, you might get better interaction on weekends than if you’re looking to gain the attention of businesses and companies that tend to be closed during the weekend.

As a whole, it seems that weekend posts get less traffic than weekday posts. If you absolutely must post on the weekend, however, it’s best to avoid Sunday, which seems to be the day with the lowest engagement numbers.

Finding Your Sweet Spot

Ultimately, the only way you can ensure the most accurate data for your posting needs is to keep track of and manage your own analytics. If you’re a business owner — or have an account with a high number of engagements — you can use Instagram’s own analytics tool, which allows you to see what time of day and days of the week produce the most interaction.

In addition to timeframes, you can also learn other details about your followers. Instagram breaks down their location and age, for instance, which are vital for understanding what kind of content will work best across the board.

If you want to take things a step further, start charting your data in a spreadsheet. Using a tool like Google Sheets or a piece of gridded paper, mark down your posts, when you shared them, and how many likes or comments they received within a 24-hour window. After all, the more data you have, the better informed you will be.

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