What is a QR Code?

Have you noticed the digitalized square codes popping up on cereal boxes, cars, business cards, and doors to your favorite restaurant or coffee shop?  What are they???  QR Codes!  QR Codes are two-dimensional (2D) codes that hold information that is able to be read and delivered into the hands of decision makers by way of smart phone apps.

Businesses and organizations today will create a QR Code that will direct the decision maker to a determined location containing pertinent information including discounts, ads, websites, contact information, donation instructions, even artwork, interactive blogs and resumes.  These QR Codes are then strategically placed on vehicle graphics, billboards, magazine and television ads, coffee cups, business cards, even telephone poles and tattoos!

Consumers are able to upload apps to their cell phones that read and retain the information contained within the QR Code, and in some cases allow the decision makers to interact with the organization or business’s offerings.

How do I make my own QR Code?

If you are interested in creating a QR Code there are various free online applications that can be used.  One example is offered by Google.

  • Visit the Google URL Shortener http://goo.gl/
  • Enter the URL you would like to create a QR Code for
  • Click on SHORTEN
  • Copy the shortened URL to that appears to the right of your entry and paste into the URL bar at the top of your screen
  • Add .qr to the end of the URL and press enter
  • View, save, and use your new QR Code!

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