What Is Social Networking?

What is Social Networking?

Social Networking is the most popular social media term and includes Internet sites such as Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn. These sites allow users the opportunity to connect with people who share similar interests and provide the opportunity to connect with even more users as your profile grows. Social Networking now accounts for almost 15% of all time spent on the Internet.

How can my business get started with Social Media?

  • Solid research will help your business discover where its targeted customers are. For example, do they use specific forums or read certain blogs?
  • A business can create profiles on those sites and begin to build a network with prospects of various groups and communities. It is important to understand the rules of each community first.
  • The goal is to add value to the conversations and to build and grow genuine relationships. Through these interactions, create circles of influence so that people start to trust your company and your company, in-turn, will build credibility.

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