YouTube For Your Business



Commonly known for watching videos of talking dogs or viewing embarrassing home videos, YouTube is beginning to make an appearance in the business world. YouTube can be used to show off your company’s skills and expertise, share knowledge and tips, connect with customers, and market your business.

Here are some ways YouTube can help out your business.

  1. Upload presentations
  2. Share slides of presentations
  3. Create videos with tips or recipes
  4. Conduct interviews
  5. Turn podcasts into videos to reach a wider audience
  6. Record important meetings to share with employees
  7. Set up a channel that reflects your brand
  8. Add your channel URL to your website
  9. Post customer testimonials
  10. Create a promotional video about your company
  11. Run a contest
  12. Post solutions to common products
  13. Answer FAQ’s
  14. Share a work-in-progress project with before and afters

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