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Notes from an Intern: Tips for Social Media Marketing

When it comes to marketing, reaching consumers is most easily done through Social Media Marketing. The amount of active consumers on Social Media globally is roughly 3 billion or 40% of the population, which is a lot given roughly half of the world still does not have internet. Many companies moved their marketing over to the online industry through social media marketing where they discovered their target markets. The first step was making sure they could build their trust with consumers, as loyalty is the main factor in success.

Paid vs Organic Social Media Marketing

Two approaches could be made when spending money or trying not to spend money being either organic social or paid social marketing. With organic social marketing having the company reach out to customers who can listen to marketers and go to their redirect web pages, or refuse it having the choice of not even seeing it. When Paid Social marketing puts the pages in front of most  likely to be interested buyers based on their history, activities, and following. These tactics create your target market. In other words, the potential buyers of your products or services based on Demographic, Geographic, Psychographic, and Behavioral segmentation.

Dig a Little Deeper into Social Media Marketing Terms:

  • Demographic: Based on a persons gender, age, income, and marital status etc.
  • Geographic: Based on a persons region, area of living using their surroundings etc.
  • Psychographic: Based on a persons attitude, hobbies, and habbits etc.
  • Behavior: Based on a persons brand loyalty, and purchasing behavior etc.

Different Social media platforms reach different target groups. Some marketers would realize different platforms reach different groups. For example, Facebook reaching more middle aged people while Snapchat reaches more teenagers. When it comes to appealing you want to include many humanized pictures along with fun, maybe a contest or survey.

My Takeaways:

From the intern, being me a 17 year old from Upstate New York attending Ballston Spa High School has advice on what to choose. Paid Social Marketing should be the best way of profiting for a company selling smaller products and services under $100. When using Paid Social Marketing you pay a small amount for each redirect to your site with only sometimes resulting in a sale. Playing it smart is necessary to balance your spending amount to your income in order to make profit. This is the reason I say it isn’t worth when items are over $100 due to the fact many viewers won’t purchase.


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