Repeating Tweets Without Being Annoying

Are you one of those people on twitter that will repeat information through tweets multiple times a day?

If you’re doing it the wrong way, this can appear annoying and could result in you losing followers.

However, there are a few ways to get around seeming repetitive and still get your message across. For starters, package them differently, stream them through other platforms (like hootsuite), and build awareness by creating your own hashtags and events.

Here are more examples…


  • Add a Twitter application tab that includes all your tweets.
  • Collect tweets from the day in a Facebook post: have an introductory comment and include links in comment fields.
  • Make a list once a week linking to content you shared in your tweets throughout the week.


  • Use hashtags often to successfully get your information out to a wider audience.
  • Make sure you are posting at a time you are most likely to reach most of your followers.
  • Sending out tweets during lunch breaks are a great way to reach your audience who are at work.


  • Embed your tweet stream on your blog. You can do so by creating a widget directly in Twitter or using a plugin. This is a great method because people who are clicking a link to your recent blog post will see your tweets in the same place.

Email Newsletters

  • Include articles or other news in your email newsletter, then tweet the newsletter link. This is another tweet that has the same information.

Whatever method you choose, remember to always have good content to direct people, and only repeat information that is worth repeating.

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