Professionalism and desire to see small businesses succeed…

Where do I start? Seeing as I had worked with Jenny several years ago, I was already fully aware of the extent of her capabilities as a professional, and knew that when it was time to begin my own company, I would enlist her and her company to guide me in the right direction with respect to web development and social media marketing. Not having a background in web design or marketing, the entire process for one can be quite overwhelming, considering it’s an area that you’re hiring another company to handle, and entrusting in them to guide you in the proper direction while having a minimal understanding yourself. Luckily, Jenny at JC Sweet & Co removes that uncertainty and speaks to you in terms you’re familiar with, and carefully guides you through the entire process with such enthusiasm and attention to your specific business needs, and to your particular industry.
Jenny has a plethora of knowledge that she is always willing to share in the interest of seeing her clients succeed. She and her company built a website for my business that is a true representation of my mission as a company, but she also made certain it reflected who I am as a person.  It was something I hadn’t given any consideration to in doing my own planning, but realized rather quickly it was EXACTLY what my site needed.

Thank you to JC Sweet & Co. for designing a most perfect website for my new business, and for being such an integral partner in this entire process. Their professionalism and desire to see small businesses succeed has been extremely refreshing, and they’ve been such a pleasure to work with!
~Stephanie R. Wallaert
Stephanie Wallaert Outsourcing

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