Moving Google Places content into Google+ Local

If you wrote reviews or uploaded photos in Google Places before, you can move your old content into Google+ Local. When you first write reviews or upload photos in Google+ Local, we’ll ask what you want to do with your old reviews and photos. You’ll have two options:

  • Move all of your content and attribute it to your Google+ name
  • Keep all or some of your content private

Before you decide, you’ll be prompted to sign in to Google+. You’ll need to sign up for Google+ if you don’t have an account yet. Once you’ve signed up, reload the Google+ Local page to see your profile and sign in. Next you’ll be asked to move your content to Google+.

To mark content as private and only visible to you, follow these steps:

1) Uncheck the box next to each of the reviews or photos you would like to make private.
2) Click Next.
3) Click Confirm if the information is correct.
4) If you would like to make changes, click Back.

The Google Places content that you haven’t decided to make private will be public to everyone on the web and attributed to your Google+ name, not your old nickname. These reviews can be found across Google, like in Google search results, Google+, and on Google Maps.

This information can be found on the Google Support Page.

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