Insights for Google+ Pages

JCSweet-web-design-mascot-gplusFrom the Google Plus page of Eddie Kessler come this news about Insights for Google+ Pages…

Since the beginning of Google+ up to today, you can find almost every brand or organization on Google+, interacting with their audience through pictures, posts and videos. For example, President Obama and The White House have a virtual road trip video that goes across the country, answering questions.

However, Google+ users are still curious as to how the social content they post is performing and who the audience is. Starting today, Google is offering Google+ pages access to Insight reports.

Insight reports will include:

  • Visibility: All time total, photo, and post views, and how page impressions have trended over time.
  • Engagement: Which types of posts are getting the highest level of engagement on Google+.
  • Audience: Get an overview of your follower demographics.

Insights Mocks - Mobile

If you’d like to view a full list of the available features, check this guide out or click here.

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