Adding Value to Your Content

Content WritingIf you’re new to creating content, your first time can seem a little intimidating. Here are some tips to keep in mind…


This is the quick and easy way to put together an article or blog. When you find an article you’d like to pull information from, simply copying and pasting the exact title and text is common among new bloggers. Unfortunately, doing this puts you at risk for copyright infringement (if you use too much of the original content).

When you use abstracting, your site has little to no original content, which means you will have little SEO value. You also create very little value for your readers because they are not getting your personal insight.


Summarizing is exactly as it sounds – you are creating a summary of the article. This form of content writing allows you to create completely new and original content (which is great for your readers and search engines!) Summaries are also great to incorporate additional keywords that help the brand.

Your audience will be able to get the gist of the article in a quick paragraph rather than reading the full piece.


Quoting is a popular way to add third-party content. This form of content writing takes a particular quote or block of text and adds personal commentary around it. The SEO value in a quoted article or blog is high due to the amount of original content mixed with a few quotes from the original article. This approach is good for your audience or readers because it allows them to have insight to your thoughts on a particular part of the article.

Quoting requires more effort because you first need to read through the article to find a provoking section and create your content around it.


Retitling means the content writer creates a new title that conveys a point of view. This approach is popular among social media or mobile content, since space is limited and readers often skim rather than fully read the article.

When used on its own, retitling is low effort because you are simply changing the title and provides little value to readers.


In the storyboard approach, the content writer pulls together different parts of the article – including tweets, article abstracts, videos, audio clips and images – to create a narrative interspersed with a personal commentary.

This form of content writing require lots of effort because there a multiple parts of the article you are pulling information from, along with creating your own commentary to tie it together. Your SEO value will be high and your readers will appreciate it!


The content creator parallelizes by taking pieces of the content that is unrelated to the topic and draws connections between the topic and the article being created. This allows the content creator to tie his point of view to a larger topic or issue.

This results in a high value of SEO and value to readers, because it builds of the original piece of content with a new point of view.

These tips and more can be found at Content Marketing Institute.

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