Google Hummingbird

google-hummingbird-1380545875Google announced a new algorithm for its search engine, called Hummingbird last week. This is a big change considering the last time Google announced a new algorithm was 2001.

Hummingbird focuses on ranking information based on search requests.

We find ourselves typing more and more words into Google Search to gain accuracy of results, often conducting multiple searches to find information we are looking for. Google understands that this is a frustrating and time consuming tasks, which is why Hummingbird was introduced.

Hummingbird will produce results based on the semantic meaning of longer search phrases, which will lead to more accurate results. For example, all of us that love to start our search phrases with words like “who” “what” “when” “where” and “why” will be able to experience accurate results with Hummingbird.

Hummingbird is set to affect about 90% of all Google search results.

Google is seeking to retain more data for its own purposes, providing a unique competitive advantage. We will probably begin to see Google targeting consumers with advertising more accurately than other advertisers.

Keep an eye out for Google Hummingbird on the move! This article and more can be found at Business Insider.

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