Social Media Posts That Succeed

The success story

If something good is happening in your business – new premises, an award, a new product launch etc. – use social media to tell people about it. This is the bread and butter of business social media. Dish it up. The topical questionLook out for big news stories that are related to your industry. A new law that affects your customers, a new trend receiving mass media coverage, things like that. Then simply ask your followers what they think about it. You’ll show that you’re on the ball and interested in your customers’ opinions. And you might just start a conversation with someone interesting.

The special offer

Running special offers via social media is a great way to attract followers and fans. If you’re using an online discount coupon, try creating a unique code for each channel. That way you can easily measure where your sales are coming from.

The surprising piece of trivia

You’re an expert within your industry, aren’t you? So you’re bound to know a few curious, little-known facts that your customers will find fascinating. Personal example: research shows that 6 out of 10 people will read ONLY the headline of an advert – which is why good headlines are so important. See what I mean? Show off your own specialist knowledge via social media.

The joke

Heard a really good joke lately? Or a really bad one? Post it on your social media pages and show everyone you’ve got a sense of humour too. Just makes sure its appropriate for your whole audience.

The link to something cool

There’s nothing wrong with piggybacking on other great sites you found on the Web. It’s got to be relevant to what you do, but apart from that the sky’s the limit. Introduce the link with some text to put your own spin on things, and suddenly its your own content.

The photo that made you say ‘wow’

Photo posts are great because they’re visual. They look good and they require very little thinking by the reader. You can post your own photos, or interesting pics you found on the Web. (Be sure to give credit where it’s due though.) Easy peasy.

The appeal to moral decency

Every industry has issues that negatively affect businesses and their customers – be it piracy, fraud, shoddy practices or something else. Commenting on these topics via social media affirms your own moral position. It also lets others have their say, and can start really interesting discussions. Because nobody loves to claim the moral high ground more than Interner commenters.

The celebrity association

Sad though it is, people love celebrity ‘news’. It’s easy to find stories online about what Katie Price, Prince William etc. are up to at any given time. If these celeb stories are at all related to what you do, channel your inner tabloid and post about it. You’ll be glamorous by association.

The YouTube video

YouTube is a goldmine. Find a video that’s entertaining and relevant to your business – preferably one that hasn’t already gone viral, because we’re trying to keep things fresh here – and share it via social media. Just don’t go overboard. Too many of any one post type will bore your followers.

Your own videos

Got a corporate video? Post it, obviously. But if you want to share regular video updates with your audience, try making your own with a camera. This is social media, so your videos don’t need Hollywood production values. They just need to be interesting, funny or useful.

The competition

Running a prize draw? Social media is a brilliant way to promote it. And a competition with an attractive prize is exactly the type of content people like to share with their friends.

The perfect song

Is there a catchy song you like that perfectly sums up your business? As a copywriter, mine would be Wordy Rappinghood by Tom Tom Club. Find yours on YouTube and post it!

The cute post

The fact is that people click ‘like’ on cute and funny pictures. And the Web is full of them. As always, the content you post should be related to what you do. So if you’re a mechanic, try a dog driving a car. If you work in IT, try this. Yes, they’re schmaltzy. But so long as you don’t overdo it, people enjoy this stuff.

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