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Notes from an Intern: Social Media Marketing with SEO


SEO is short for search engine optimization. When in the social media marketing with SEO is huge. SEO allows you to reach more customers through social media. The key idea of having SEO makes sure your ads, and social media pages follow a curriculum that appeals to audience more.

Must haves:

  • Your own special touch.
  • Faster than 3 seconds to load page, otherwise may lose many customers.
  • Narrow down your traffic through location and uniqueness.
  • Must be unique and organic, such as personalizing it.
  • Many relevant tags, otherwise may not draw potential customers to your page.

Finding your audience in social media marketing with SEO:

SEO will help you along the way in doing so to achieve these many goals. Establish your key market in the beginning whether it is young, middle-aged, or older aged people it is key in the advertisements. Make sure to interact and reach out to the customers and reply to and questions and concerns. This is where you have to optimize search words for the likeliness of someone finding your page. Google makes the social media marketing very specific and generates searches based off of the relevancy. Create tags based specific, this is where you would add location in as it narrows down the other companies your target audience could find. Ex: Somebody looks up pizza while another looks up pizza in Albany, the one who adds Albany is more likely to find a local place.

Cheaper marketing isn’t always better:

You might think saving a couple bucks and you’d get the same result however it isn’t always true in social media marketing. Through the social media audience many like simple and convenient. A fast browser is going to draw more of an audience compared to a slow. The average age on social media is 25-34, also all known to have a short attention span.


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