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4 Steps to Compelling Blog Content

Whether you use your blog for business or personal reasons, there’s nothing worse than spending time and effort crafting something no one will take the time to read.

Crafting a Compelling Blog Post

Make your blog posts more compelling and worth the read, with these tips from Social Media Today.

Tackling Your Blog Like a Research Paper

The number one mistake you can make when writing a blog is not doing enough research on your topic of interest, and much like your paper in college, your blog deserves the same in-depth research.

According to Social Media Today, well-researched content can:

  1. Keep your audience around on your website for longer
  2. Boost your SEO performance
  3. Ensure Google that you know what you’re talking about through backlinks, time spent on pages, bounce rates, etc.

Step 1: Write Your Thesis

If you are having trouble remembering from school, a thesis is “a statement or theory that is put forward as a premise to be maintained or proved.” Think of this as your content strategy or purpose, Social Media Today says.

Ask yourself:

  • What is the main topic or idea of this blog post?
  • Why is this blog post important to my audience?
  • What do I want my readers to take away?
  • How will my point come across?

After answering these questions, focus on the overall flow of your article.

Step 2: Craft an Outline

Before beginning your research, sit down and come up with a general idea of how you will structure your blog post. Social Media Today recommends:

  • Highlight your key points you want to make in bullet form
  • Move your bullet points around to find a good flow
  • Go through each bullet point and ask yourself whether it supports your thesis

Step 3: Use Credible Sources

Your blog post is not the time to be using Wikipedia. Using non-credible sources in college would fail your paper, and using them now would ensure your blog post will fail.

Click here to learn about the tools Social Media Today recommends using to find credible sources.

Step 4: Data Matters

In today’s marketing world, everyone claims to be an expert, but how many people are actually proving that?

Social Media Today says, “Every time you inject a statistic or a piece of data which solidifies the point you’re making, you build a little more trust with your readers.”

Your consumers don’t want to be sold something – they want to obtain something they need from a person they trust and building this trust start with making claims you can back up.

To continue reading this article, click here.

In short, crafting a blog article that is meaningful and has the facts to back it up will build a relationship with your audience, which can improve your SEO, your brand’s awareness, and even your sales.

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