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WordPress PHP Update

At JC Sweet & Co., we make it a priority to keep our wonderful clients updates on the most recent changes and updates regarding their website. If you have a WordPress website, it is important that you read this blog article and act accordingly. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns!

WordPress PHP Updates

PHP is the foundational coding technology of WordPress. It is the programming language WordPress is developed in and your website runs on, and according to WordPress.org, just like any underlying structure, it’s important to keep it strong and secure. When you use an old version of PHP on your WordPress host, you’re building a WordPress site on weak bedrock, which will end up affecting your website’s performance and increase the risk of malware/security penetrations. If you’d like to ensure your site is secure, fast, and compatible with all parts of WordPress, upgrading to the latest version of PHP (7.0+) is crucial for a number of important reasons.

Why PHP Should Matter to You as a Site Owner

There are three things site owners usually care about the most. First, they want their website to work as expected when people visit it — we often call this site availability. Second, another major concern is how fast the site loads and functions, or site performance. Finally, you likely want your site to make use of all the latest and greatest tools, or features.

How Can You Update Your PHP

If you’ve chosen JC Sweet & Co. to manage your website monthly, we will take care of this update for you. For everyone else, any questions you may have about updating your PHP version, WordPress has a great page with instructions here. It is recommended that you upgrade to version 7.0+, which is the standard.

If you need help updating your PHP, send an email to your host. You can find examples of what your email should say here.

Click here to read the original WordPress article explaining PHP updates.

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