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The Wellspring 2017 Purple Purse Challenge

JC Sweet & Co. loves supporting nonprofits like Wellspring

Here at JC Sweet & Co. we love supporting local businesses and nonprofits. During the month of October, Wellspring, a local nonprofit organization that supports domestic violence victims is taking part in the nationwide Purple Purse Challenge.

How Wellspring cares for relationship and domestic violence survivors

Wellspring has assisted tens of thousands of survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault – whether they needed an escape, were looking for advice, or sought to improve their quality of life. Wellspring is part of your community – existing to serve you and your loved ones, and while they continue to offer their essential safety, intervention, and support services, they strive to do more.

Wellspring believes that the expanded focus on their work should be educating the community about these issues and advocating for social change – can help to prevent abuse and crises before it happens. Wellspring’s vision is “A Saratoga County free of relationship and sexual abuse”.

To learn more about the services Wellspring provides or to donate today, click here.

The Purple Purse Challenge

The Allstate Foundation Purple Purse Challenge is an annual friendly fundraiser competition in October during Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Nonprofit organizations serving domestic violence survivors around the United States compete to raise the most money. The top fundraisers have the opportunity win grand prize cash donations totaling $350,000 from the Allstate Foundation.

Even if an organization doesn’t win, any of the grand prize money, each gets to keep the money raised during the fundraiser.

The Purple Purse Challenge runs from Monday, October 2nd at 12pm through Tuesday, October 31st at 1:59pm.

To learn more about the Allstate Foundation Purple Purse Challenge or to make a donation today, click here.

As Domestic Violence Awareness Month comes close to an end, it’s important that we do not forget the people that still find themselves in unsafe relationships. Please consider supporting your local nonprofit organization that provides services to domestic violence victims.

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