The Vine App

vine-image-21What is the Twitter Vine Video App?

Vine is a free mobile app that allows users to take 6-second video clips and loop them using an innovative start-and-stop touch-screen interface.

Users are able to share their creativity through these clips on Twitter and with other uses on the Vine network.

The Vine app is available for the iPod Touch, iPhone 3GS and higher, and now all Android 4.1 mobile devices.

But what does this mean for your business?

Here are ways businesses are getting creative and marketing via the Vine app:

Engaging Your Followers in Conversation

Posting a Vine asking your followers a specific question and allowing feedback triggers conversations in a multi-media fashion. People can become better connected by hearing a voice or seeing a face, instead of reading a tweet.

Get The Fans Involved

Having your fans create Vines highlighting your company’s products and promoting your business is a great way to build fan base.

Display Your Work

Instead of relying on a portfolio to do all the work, create a Vine showing off your best work. This will connect better with your followers because they are able to see a real-life example of your work.

These are just a few ways to get your business started.

You can check out more on Vine by visiting the support center.

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