How To Have Effective Social Media Messages

If you’re struggling with creating and fostering lasting conversation through messaging, check out these tips Google has posted on their Wildfire Social Media Marketing Blog. They have figured out a few methods for creating, optimizing, and managing your social media messages to fans and followers by using tools such as Wildfire’s Messages.

  1. Priority Messages- Getting urgent messages to certain people as quickly as possible is a priority. Use Messages to filter content coming from users. Messages offers robust filtering on Facebook and -coming in Q1- Google+ and Twitter. You also have the option to create as many keyword filters as you want, with auto-flagging available, auto-route and auto-delete messages and tweets by filter.
  2. Targeting Presets- If you send out monthly promotions or coupons to a group of regions, it can take a lot of time to hand-select each region from the list of cities and states. When you use Messages, you are able to create present message distribution lists on Facebook by attributes such as age, gender, language, relationship status, “interested in”, and location. You can target your messages to the exact groups you want to reach.
  3. Take Your Messages With You- If you’ve ever needed to track down a specific message you’ve sent or received, you know what a hassle it can be without having an archival tool. Wildfire Messages’ CSV Export tool to create a searchable file and track down messages by keyword, user, date, message type, link and content.
  4. Organize Your Messages- Using Messages, you can categorize, label, and organize posts and messages across Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Search for a specific label, then take action on any of the messages that appear in the list with that label.
  5. Manage Your Messages In One Place- Create, schedule and comment on posts, reply to or delete comments, +1 comments or posts, and upload links, photos, albums or videos all via the Messages tool.

To learn more about Google’s Wilfire Messages, check out the Wildfire Blog.

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