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Facebook Launches Live Video Rewind

Do you love using Facebook Live for your business or personal life? Facebook just released new live tools for you to use, including persistent stream keys, crossposting, and live rewind. This news comes directly from Facebook.

New Live Tools for Publishers: Persistent Stream Keys, Crossposting and Live Rewind

Today we are rolling out several new features that are focused on making it easier for publishers to go live on Facebook. These features are aimed at simplifying the broadcasting experience, helping you grow an audience, and giving viewers more flexibility in experiencing your Live videos.

As Facebook Live continues to grow, we’ve seen people and publishers around the world find new and innovative ways to tell incredible stories, interact with their communities, and bring the world closer together. With daily average broadcasts from verified publisher Pages increasing 1.5X over the past year, our team has been focused on building new tools to help broadcasters create Live video experiences for all kinds of audiences.

Simplifying the Broadcast Experience with Persistent Stream Keys

Publishers and creators who frequently use the Live API have requested a more simplified stream setup process, and we’ve rolled out the ability to use a persistent stream key with an encoder when going live on Facebook.

This means if you’re a publisher or creator that goes live regularly, you now only need to send one stream key to production teams, and because a Page’s stream key is permanent, it can be sent in advance of a shoot — making it easier to collaborate across teams and locations for live productions. Broadcasters can also save time by using the same stream key every time they start a new Live video.

Growing Your Audience Through Live Crossposting

We’ve heard from many of our partners that crossposting helps amplify the reach of pre-recorded videos to audiences across all of their Pages, and now this is possible for live video too. With Live Crossposting, all Pages globally can seamlessly publish a single broadcast across multiple Pages as an original post. We’ve added this functionality to both our Publisher Tools on Pages and the Live API.

Giving Viewers New Ways to Experience Live Video with Live Rewind

Finally, we’re starting to test the ability for viewers to rewind Live videos from Pages while they’re live. We’ve heard from viewers that they want to be able to rewatch incredible moments or catchup on ones they missed — like a big play in a sports game or a crucial moment during a show — without losing out on the Live experience.

In testing this feature, CrossFit Games said, “Live Rewind is massive for our viewers. They have different points of discovery, want to go back or miss a key play… It’s huge.” Following testing, we are excited to bring Live Rewind to fans around the world!

We’re excited to introduce these new features, and we look forward to continue growing our platform and building new ways for publishers and viewers to connect.

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