Downloadable Tweets

Twitter logoTwitter has started to roll out a tool to help users download and search through their old tweets.

Previously it hasn’t been possible for Twitter users to easily access a full archive of their messages, sent in many cases over several years.

But a new feature – which has been launched for just a “small percentage” of accounts so far – provides a simple way to do exactly that.

If you have it, the option is located at the bottom of your settings page on Twitter’s website.

It will download the archive in a compressed .zip folder, with all of your tweets in a spreadsheet. It also includes link to a search box, making it easy to find treasured old messages.

They also include location details and other metadata, if those options are turned on for your account.

Twitter warns users who receive links to their archives to be mindful of sharing “sensitive content”, however – indicating as many suspect that some Tweets are best unremembered.

This article was found at Huffington Post Online.

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