Changes to Facebook Ads Manager: What You Need to Know

JCSweet-web-design-mascot-facebookDo you advertise on Facebook?

Have you noticed recent changes to Facebook Ads Manager?

While Facebook regularly updates the Ads Manager, most of the recent changes affect navigation rather than function.

In this article you’ll discover the latest changes to Facebook Ads Manager and how to navigate them.

Understand Facebook Ad Campaign Structure

Let’s start with a quick review of Facebook ads. There are three levels: Campaigns, Ad Sets and Ads. Each one has different functionality.

The Campaign level is where you set your true objective, such as sending people to your website, promoting your Facebook page, having people claim a Facebook offer and more. The Ad Set is where you determine the budgeting, targeting and schedule for your ads. The Ad level is where you change the images and text.

The primary changes to the Ads Manager area are cosmetic, and the most notable is the way to run reports. Below is a quick list of the main changes.

Facebook Ads Manager Changes

  1. The main navigation moved from the left sidebar to the top of the page.
  2. Facebook Saved Reports are now right under the top menu, indicated by a “spreadsheet” symbol. The statistics of your campaign are more accessible in the Campaigns, Ad Sets and Ads. To create any new reports, drill down into the level you want to see (Ad Sets, Ads, etc.), then modify the columns you are viewing.
  3. Change Ad Accounts from a drop-down menu under the main navigation at the top.
  4. A bar graph shows the previous 7 days of ad spend, rather than the text listing.
  5. Change the view of what level you see (Campaign, Ad Set or Ad) from the drop-down menu under the spend area. Also set the default view of the columns you see.
  6. An Image Library is now available under the Tools section.
  7. Audiences, Audience Insights and Conversion Tracking are under the Tools drop-down menu.
  8. Campaign, Ad Set and Ad viewing is a bit different. The edit feature and preview appear on the right side for the Ads and Ad Sets.
  9. New graphs show different delivery information when you dive into the Campaigns.
  10. Filter and search slightly differently, using the Filter button on the upper right.

These are the major places where there are changes with Facebook ads, along with greater detail.

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