3 Strategies to Revive And Grow Your Facebook Business Page

Looking for ways to grow and improve on your Facebook Business Page? This article from Entrepreneur has 3 easy strategies for you to try!

3 Strategies to Revive And Grow Your Facebook Business Page

If you want more marketing return from your Facebook business page, consider adopting one or all of these approaches.

1. Embrace the live stream

Facebook Live became a feature for all users in 2016, but many entrepreneurs are still hesitant to adopt. Thing is, live video receives more weight on the algorithm than posts with other creative such as photos or videos. (Facebook has stated that a live video receives, on average, 10 times the engagement of a non-live post.) Not only will you cut to the front of the algorithmic line, but you’ll also have push notifications sent out to some of your followers informing them of your livestream.

When you’re able to engage with users in real time and respond to comments, more comment dialogue is likely to appear. Consider broadcasting a longer Facebook Live stream to give yourself more runway for comments and conversation. Do your quote-box posts yield hundreds of comments? I didn’t think so.

2. Personalize user experience with Messenger

Bots get a bad rap on social media because of the proliferation of fake profiles and automated comments that have invaded many platforms. Pairing a Messenger bot strategy with your Facebook business page, however, can be a smart personalization play. A recent McKinsey report predicts that “personalization will be the prime driver of marketing success within five years.” If you’re not solving for personalization now, you’ll soon be left behind in the market.

A Messenger sequence can help answer user questions automatically through pre-built content. If your tech team is robust, you could also build your own bot from Facebook’s developer instructions. For entrepreneurs allergic to code, ManyChat is a popular, user-friendly tool whose features include assigning certain commented words or phrases to custom Messenger pushes, allowing you to tie post engagement to Messenger subscriptions. If you’re wanting more personalization still, with a little AI sprinkled in, ChatFuel powers the Messenger strategy of many Facebook pages whose followers are in the millions.

3. Pay to reach your warm audience

A small investment can go a long way in increasing post visibility when you advertise to your existing page likes. Since you’re a familiar face, users may not even realize you’ve sponsored the post in order to appear in front of them. As Gary Vaynerchuk points out, attention is a currency. And while consumers say they increasingly ignore ads, what they actually ignore are ads not relevant to them. If they like your Facebook business page, you’ve already overcome a relevancy hurdle. Custom audiences are Facebook’s biggest marketing weapon. Instead of wondering who did or didn’t watch a video, measure it by sponsoring a video post, then retarget users who watched it for a notable amount of time.

Still need to grow your audience? Here are a few less-warm audiences that are actually low-hanging fruit and worth your advertising spend:

  • Your email list can also be uploaded to Facebook, and Facebook will do its best to pair email addresses to users’ profiles; the match rate is usually 50-80 percent.
  • Targeting “friends of page likes” can be a good page-building strategy, as Facebook will show users the number of friends that like your page prior to showing the ad creative; 92 percent of consumers trust endorsements from their friends.
  • A lookalike audience is technically an audience of strangers new to your brand, but these users statistically have similar data markers and behaviors as your existing page likes or email subscribers, which increases the chance they’ll become engaged.

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