How to Brand Yourself on Instagram: 5 Tips to Attract Followers

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How to Brand Yourself on Instagram: 5 Tips to Attract Followers

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How to Brand Yourself on Instagram: 5 Tips to Attract Followers

Whether you’re new to Instagram marketing or just starting a new account, attracting new followers on Instagram can be a challenge.

This article explains how to brand yourself on Instagram by optimizing your Instagram profile:

1. Combine Your Personal and Professional Instagram Account

Many business owners are still juggling two Instagram accounts — one personal account (which is typically set to “private”) and another account that reflects their professional lives.

Many “professional” Instagram accounts are often missing one major thing: the owner’s personality. Instead of trying to keep things separate, blending these two worlds into one account.

When it comes to the focus of your account, creating a “personal business brand,” which is sort of a hybrid between a personal account and a business account, is the best option. The benefit is that it allows you to pull elements from both, which can help you resonate with your audience more.

In other words, your Instagram profile should show off your personality, while still letting your followers know you’re running a business!

2. When It Come To Branding Yourself on Instagram, Keep Your Username Simple

The first thing you should do is look at is your username. If you’re a personal brand, it’s a good idea to use your real name. Otherwise, use the name of your business.

When it comes to choosing a username, choose a username that’s as close to your name or online brand name as possible. You want your username to be simple and memorable.

Whether you’re building a personal brand or business, you should also try to keep your username as short and simple as possible. You want your username to stand out and be memorable, so don’t complicate it with any unnecessary symbols or numbers.

3. Use the Name Field to Share Your Top Targeted Keywords

Next is your name, which is different from your username! A lot of people tend to use their username in their name field, but using your username in this field is a lost opportunity because the words you include in your name field are actually searchable on Instagram! A better strategy is to use targeted keywords.

Try to think about keywords that your follower is searching for on Instagram — maybe it’s your business niche or the products you sell. Once you’ve found the right keywords, put them into your name field.

4. Branding Yourself on Instagram is All About Optimizing Your Instagram Bio

It’s a good idea to segment your bio into two parts. The first part should quickly explain who you are, who you’re for, what you do, and how.

You have a limited space to make an impression, and it’s important that you can instantly let your visitors what your business actually is.

Instead of making your bio all about you, try to focus on your target customer and how your Instagram profile will help or inspire them.

You want to make sure you’re letting potential new followers know who your profile is for, and what’s in it for them to follow your account.

Make sure your Instagram Bio keeps evolving! Once you write it, it shouldn’t stay stale, but rather keep changing over time. To properly brand yourself on Instagram, you’ll want to make sure your Instagram profile keeps up with your changes IRL!

You only have a few seconds to make a good impression — make sure to capture your potential new follower’s attention and make sure they hit “follow”!

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