7 Ways to Turn Instagram Followers into Customers for Life

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7 Ways to Turn Instagram Followers into Customers for Life

This article comes from Entrepreneur.

7 Ways to Turn Instagram Followers into Customers for Life

What makes you different from your competitors? And how can you leverage that in your marketing so that you can excel at sales?

1. Offer value in your Instagram bio

Tell your prospective qualified audience why they should like your page and how it will benefit them. You can even offer a lead magnet to give them a quick win in their relationship with you. Make sure they know right up front what’s in it for them if they decide to follow your page.

2. Fill your posts with value

Focus on your unique selling proposition — that one big idea that makes you different — and post valuable content around that one thing. For me, it’s that we connect marketing with sales, because you have value and deserve to be paid for it, and you have a unique purpose that should be shared with the world. All of my posts are in line with this big idea.

3. Make your posts and ads about your target audience, not you

Focus on their needs and how you can uniquely meet them. Most brands are focused on their products and services. Stand out by focusing on your target market instead.

4. Talk to them

Ask questions and have a conversation around your one big idea. Engage with folks and build trust to let them know you are looking for relationships. Not sales. When you ask questions, they’re much more likely to engage.

5. Be willing to be controversial

The most successful brands have raving fans as well as big detractors. Your goal through your posts is to attract exactly your perfect prospect and repel everyone else.

6. Be authentic

Stop trying to be someone you’re not and instead be real with your audience. Different is good. Different stands out. People relate more to those they believe are being real. Occasionally let your fans in a little on your life, your family and who you are as a real person. People want to do business with people they know, like and trust.

7. Focus on transformation, not information

This is the most important point to remember. Your competitors focus on their product and service features. If they’re slightly more advanced, they also focus on their benefits. But you’re better than that. You are advanced and will focus on how those benefits will impact their lives. How working with you will be the exact thing they were looking for to bring them peace, take away a pain or bring them joy. This will not only help you make the sale, it will also position you as the leading authority in your marketplace.

The transition from Instagram follower to customer for life can be seamless and fast. Simply focus on why they should pay attention and take action, and why it’s the best decision they’ll ever make.

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