7 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Engagement

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7 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Engagement

This article comes from Social Media Examiner.

7 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Engagement

The five key types of Facebook engagement we’re going to focus on are video views, reactions, comments, shares, and clicks. Each is useful to your business on its own but the best results come when you can get a variety of engagement types on your content. Here are seven tips you can use to get more interactions on Facebook.

1. Use Engagement Prompts

If you want comments on your Facebook posts, you need to give people a reason to engage and make it easy for them to know what to say.

One way to do that is to ask questions. Typically, when you ask a question, readers will start formulating an answer in their mind immediately. They may also check out the other comments on the post to see what other people are saying and whether they have similar or opposing views.

Questions not only can elicit engagement but also help ensure you connect with the right people for your business and repel the wrong people.

Another way to encourage people to engage with your Facebook posts is to tell them how to engage. And the easier you make it, the better.

You can also encourage people to comment on your posts by asking them to fill in the gaps or finish a sentence.

When you use these techniques to promote your business on Facebook, you can boost engagement on your organic posts and ensure you attract only the right people to your business.

2. Speak to Attributes Your Target Audience Shares

When it comes to social media, people typically post content that shows them in the best possible light. They use filters, share only select parts of their lives, and always aspire to be as good as the people they follow.

That means they’re also picky about what they comment on or share on social media because it may affect what other people might think of them. So if your content will make them look good to their peers, they’ll be more likely to engage with it.

3. Design Posts Around Specific Days or Current Events

Creating content around a holiday or current event is an easy way to get engagement on Facebook, particularly if you can tap into the emotions of your target audience.

Make sure that you design your content specifically for Facebook rather than simply copy a post from another platform.

Timely content doesn’t have to be created in the moment. It can be prepared months in advance. Incorporate awareness days in your marketing strategy that are relevant to your business and target audience. Use this content sparingly and strategically, though, to enhance your marketing rather than inform it.

4. Plan Facebook Posts People Will Save or Share

Creating content specifically designed for your audience to share or save can prompt engagement from not only that audience but also their friends. If your content is evergreen, it can show up every year in their Facebook memories and continue to get attention.

People love to save posts like recipes and how-to tutorials that they might want to refer to later. If they think these posts would be helpful (or make them look good) to their friends and family, they’ll often share them or tag people in the comments.

5. Show Off Your Real Workplace or Processes

People are inquisitive and love to see what others are doing in their daily lives and at their business. Creating behind-the-scenes content to show how products are made or give your audience an insight into how you work can generate interactions.

You can also use this kind of content to share more about you and your values to build a deeper connection with your audience.

6. Give People a Chuckle

When you’re creating content, keep in mind that that one key reason people are on social media is to be entertained. So if you can incorporate humor into your Facebook content, you’ll be one step ahead of the competition. Make it timely and speak directly to your target audience and you’re almost guaranteed to create engagement on your posts.

7. Go Live

Going live on Facebook gives you an opportunity to speak directly to your audience in real time and encourage them to engage with you in the comments or by using reactions. You can also encourage them to invite their friends to watch too.

By getting engagement while broadcasting live, you’ll be signaling that your broadcast is useful or interesting content and Facebook will show it to more of your followers and notify them that you’re live.

The key with a Facebook Live broadcast is to ensure the post itself compels people to watch, even if they join partway through.

When you’re planning your broadcast, make sure you appeal to replay viewers and encourage them to engage too.

Respond to all comments on your Facebook Live post to create even more engagement and continue the conversation. By doing so, you not only signal to the algorithm that the post is high-quality content but also strengthen the relationship with those engaged followers.

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